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Branding is so much more than just creating beautiful products. The following resources will give readers some insights into the world of marketing and promotional merchandise.

Readers can access news sources, courses, and books here related to learn more about brand merchandising.

Direct to Source

This site helps business owners to design and manufacture merchandise or products for a brand by using sustainable materials and eco-friendly methods of production.

CNBC Apparel

This news network is a hub for information on apparel, brand merchandise, e-commerce businesses, and household products that are designed to grab a consumer’s attention. CNBC is a globally trusted source for information about the world of business. Get advice from leading business analysts about market trends in sustainability.

The Art and Science of Buying and Merchandising

This is an online course presented by Business of Fashion (BoF) that will help you to gain knowledge about brand merchandising in business. Get some helpful hints on how leading companies use buying and merchandising strategies.

Product Styling for a Higher Revenue

Skillshare presents this course online. It helps businesses to design brand merchandise and products. The program will teach you how to tell customers the story of your brand. Access the Skillshare website for more information about the course.

The Elements of Visual Merchandising

Get this book to learn about the elements of visual merchandising. It focuses primarily on land-based stores. However, The Elements of Visual Merchandising has many great insights that can be applied to online stores as well. This type of brand merchandising is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign.

The Ultimate Visual Merchandising Handbook

This brand merchandising guide focuses on brick-and-mortar retail stores, but most of the information inside can be applied to online stores. It contains expert advice about measuring and implementing merchandising initiatives.

Companies should be aware of how their brand is perceived by the target market, and they should always work to strengthen their reputation. Users can contact The Sticker Family for more information about sustainable merchandising.